Catelyn Gray Mercer — Camp Pendleton, California

Long story short I was 8 months pregnant when the woman who was supposed to be one of my absolute best friends (Catelyn Gray-Mercer) showed up at my house while I was at work, lied to my husband saying that I’d been lying to him about a bunch of dumb sh*t and was planning to leave him (which the dumbass believed since she was my best friend) and had sex with my husband in my bed. They didn’t think I’d find out, but she had Chlamydia which she gave to my husband who in turn gave it to me. Put me in the hospital at 8 months pregnant where they discovered the STD. The sad part is she sent her poor 2 year old back home to Ohio alone so that she could run around Cali with her legs spread while her husband was deployed. Shitty wife, shitty mother, shitty friend. For comparison the pictures are me and her.


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