Cassie Lunsford — Omaha, Nebraska

This girl right here… Her name is Cassie Leanne Lunsford she is from Washington state but recently moved to Omaha Nebraska….prior to her moving she decided to get a little too friendly with my man…I understand it takes 2 to tango but she knew he had 2 kids and a wife at home… long story short she snuck him over when her dad was away first time hanging out and opened those legs

classy Cassie

 and come to find out she was engaged to this guy name Dillion in Nebraska and a week later dips out of Washington to move in with him and his family in Omaha Nebraska!! So this little HOMEWRECKER messes with a guy with a family, with her ring on her finger from another guy and then leaves state to be with him. Does this dude know what kind of nasty chick he’s bringing into his life?? Does he really know the slu**y life she lived here in Washington???


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