Cassie Liebenow — Cheboygan, Michigan

Cassie is master lier and manipulator. She played the role of my best friend being supportive for almost a year while I dealt with my dishonest significant other. She did it perfectly, pretending to care about my kids. Getting me outta the house when I was depressed. Knowing I already lost my longtime best friend because she slept with my significant other. Only to be doing the exact same thing behind my back. From ALL the crazy info and details it’s pretty clear she planned to try to be with him. Even possibly getting pregnant on purpose, still waiting to see if it’s his or HER SIGNIFICANT OTHER’S! Who she was also waiting to tell that she was pregnant till after he got his fat settlement(they already have 3 kids together though now he’s not sure if all are his). Even asked my S.O if he wanted to just run away with her. She caught feelings and he didn’t. She manipulated a lot of events that could have (in her mind ) gotten her my SO. She is also a narcissist at its finest.


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