Candice Brown — Wayensboro, Pennsylvania

Candice knowingly slept with a married man. Candice had a crush on that man because her spouse was unfaithful and had two extramarital kids. She shared this information with anyone who would listen and feel bad for her. My friends spouse had just had had a baby when she started her selfishness. Candice had a emotional/ physical affair with another man at her former position. She thinks that because her spouse cheated on her it makes it okay to flirt with a married man on FB, a man with to my knowledge has multiple kids one being special needs. Candice offered to purchase a room. Candice was not worth more than the car bone she received. Candice also shared a disease. Candice is not so nice. Candice is a miserable cheer/basketball mom. Candice is insecure about her skin and thought that the married man liked it, the married man said he felt bad because her husband slept with women of another ethnicity. Candice will continue to loose. Candice should stop telling everyone her personal business especially since she is still married to and just purchased a house with her own adulterous spouse.


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