Camille Lopez — Crestwood, Illinois

She texted and sexted my husband. My husband tried to say they were just friends. She doesn’t have boundaries. From what I know she lives in Crestwood, works in Tinley Park and still says things to my husband of a flirtatious and sexual manner. They are both liars. Someone messaged my sister-in-law with proof at the beginning of 2017. My husband went to Curie High School with her in Chicago. She never even finished high school. She goes to this sports bar named Slapshots in Midlothian, Illinois. She hangs around trash from what I can tell and from what I can see on my husbands Facebook. She hangs around with Brittany Gergel and Samantha mason. She is repulsive. She would suck you off for some cocaine. From what I can tell she’s a bad mother. She is also associated with Matthew Rodriguez, Delilah rodriguez, Gabriel rodriguez, and Joshua Rodriguez. She used to work at the Olympic star and the view diner. She is the scum of the earth. All she wants is more drugs or someone to pay her bills. One day she is going to do this to the wrong person. Karma is a b*tch and you reap what you sew.


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