Brynn Edward legree – Arizona

Brynn Legree is a felon and woman beater. He has been arrested and gone to jail twice now for beating his ex after me. He has officially lost all rights to both of his children from both of their mothers. Yes he is 31 with two known (may be many unknown) children from two different women. He is a very dangerous man who becomes very violent when he doesn’t get what he wants. Brynn is currently on probation, homeless, and jobless after the last girlfriend kicked him out. Brynn is a predator who finds girls online and tries to convince them to take trips with him that the girls will have to pay for. He will then trap these girls into providing for him. He refers to himself as a ‘big deal’ knowing he can easily sleep with women and spread his known diseases. He’s always lived off of a woman never providing for himself because he doesn’t have an education and has constantly been in and out of jail. Please beware of this man he isn’t as sweet as he seems. You can verify all this info by simply googling his name.


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