Brenton Pitman — Fort Wayne, Indiana

Brenton got a 19 year old girl knocked up and won’t take care of his responsibilities. He smokes his whole paycheck away. He post ads on Craigslist for a male seeking male which is nasty and prostitution. He cheats on every girl he gets with and even sends naked pictures to unknown people. He is cheating on his current girlfriend with guys and girls. Hell I knew about the baby momma and he still sucked me off, worst head I ever got. He likes the attention he gets because he is into doing things just like his mother. It won’t surprise me if he contracts stds because he don’t wear protection. His baby momma keeps running back to him even though he cheats because she is also a nasty b****. He needs to grow TF up and his baby momma better grow TF up and realize he is never going to change. He is gonna continue to ALWAYS cheat with men and women…


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