Brandon Lane – Arizona

My husband used my depression as an excuse to cheat on me for 6 months. Not only did he cheat on me but he did it with our babysitter Cyndi Alvarez, I believe she is back in Texas now but she comes to Arizona every once in a whe, she’s about my age and is expecting his child in June. These two idiots took pics and video of them doing it. All of it is bad but it’s the fact that it wasn’t him who to me it was her fiance who told me and two months after my ex and her stopped their affair. He has never apologized and when he starts talking to new women, he blames me. See what hurts is that I came out of my depression and it felt new again. Things were going great and all I wanted was him and to find out he had been doing this. He always accused me of going behind his back and would break into my phone to find nothing and it was just him this whole time. We have two sons and I am the one that’s moving out and losing everything. I don’t get it but it’s whatever. I’ve know men and women who are widows now but stick it through to the end with their spouses bc of terminal disease and they never cheated, his reasons are excuses and weakness.


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