Beware Polygamy Is real PAPA DIOP IDA JALLOW – New York

March 26, 2019

Papa Diop aka Diop Lambaye who works at Carmine’s 200 West 44th Street New York New York212 2213800 as a waiter who spits in people’s food and put boogers in people’s foods that are rude to him along with selling large quantities of cloth napkin for private parties and for his mosque is a liar a cheatar a polygamist a user and a manipulator meet women at Planet Fitness gym in Harlem and in the Bronx has two wives the one that sponsor him for a green card in the African one that he has a baby by he’s not divorced he ate my a** and bought me sneakers before I found out all of this stuff about him he’s one sick puppy you have been warned Beware Polygamy Is real PAPA DIOP IDA JALLOW

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