Beware Gail Elkhadr – Arizona

Beware of this woman she is a liar cheater user and abuse seeker she prefers child molesting woman beating muslims over men who protect her and love her she likes to use men and then confuse u with her musrat husband who she’s said has beaten her raped her and wants to molest her children she has 7 kids that she gave up to be with a musrat because she would rather have a fake man then a real man she will slap horrendous lies against u after helping her out and gets restraining orders against u if u even ask about the money she claims she will pay back when u help her she steals from her clients that she takes care of and is also practicing home care without a license she is a very horrible woman and hates real men but defends woman beaters and molesters like her muslim husband be aware she goes by Gail standifer Gail rork or Gail elkhadr she was born Jan 5 1977 do not let her near u or take care of ur elders she is a severe psycho path and fanatic of destroying ur life if u help her


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