Betty A. Davis — Craig, Colorado

This sorry excuse for a woman, IMHO, drives for a company that transports railroad crews. You can see the name of the company in this picture… look at the visor. My brother-in-law (BIL) went through some kind of mid-life crisis and decided to try to get in this railroad groupie’s pants. He has decided to stay with my sister, but Betty is a little butt-hurt…awww. She sent multiple nude selfies and was sexting with my BIL. In multiple texts, she referred to him being married, and continued to pursue him.

She asked for money, which he gave her, and then had the nerve to ask him to buy her a $100 pair of shoes, right after she told him she needed food for her kids. She has absolutely no remorse, and has threatened my sister with harassment charges. Mind you, my sister only contacted her once to tell her not to contact my BIL, and it was via text on his prepaid phone. According to my BIL, this woman has a reputation for looking for a sugar-daddy. So much so, that she is not allowed inside of the hotel where the rail crews stay. According to a couple of the rail crew members, she has been seen engaging in relations in the company vehicle on more than one occasion. My BIL admitted to painting an ugly picture of my sister, saying she is crazy… who hasn’t heard that one before? In fact, my sister suffers from traumatic brain injury, as well as PTSD, and severe back and neck problems. She is not mentally ill, as he portrayed. I really don’t think this one will not stop at my BIL. I believe she will prey on the rail crews until she finds one desperate enough for a nasty piece of a**. Any railroad wives in Colorado, beware. She works areas from Denver to Yampa. The worst part of this is that my nephews, his teenage children, have been traumatized. My sis and BIL have been together for 22 years, and always seemed happy. So much so, that friends and family have always commented on how they were the perfect couple and had so much love for each other. This has taken everyone in the family by complete surprise. He f****d up, but her vile ways, and lack of remorse and humility, shows her true colors, and they aren’t pretty. Some people are ugly inside, but beautiful outside. She is ugly, through and through. Karma’s a b*tch, ain’t it?


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