Betsy Spekke — Waldoboro, Maine

Betsy Spekke is knowingly sleeping with my husband, Daniel Stottlemyer. She works at the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland and Daniel works at Fisher Engineering in Rockland. Daniel barely sees his child because he is too busy cheating on his wife, snorting cocaine and adderall, doing molly and other drugs with Betsy. Daniel and Betsy have some things in common where they look picture perfect on the outside, but get off to secretly doing things. Daniel has been verbally and mentally abusive for years besides cheating, trying to force me into his sexual desires of sleeping with other people, telling me how worthless I am, and trying to get me to kill my self so he can use the pity excuse to get laid. I have pictures, videos, and recordings of the evidence, abuse, drugs, and even him telling me he wants to kill me and see my blood splattered on the pavement.


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