Ben Doss – Arizona

Also known by BenIke Doss. He is a wanna be firefighter in Payson, AZ (meaning, he doesn’t have the job but volunteers). He is the cable guy in Payson. Alarm bell #1 I suppose. He carries HPV-16, the dangerous one, and has 3 kids from 3 different women, each of which (I know NOW) he cheated on while pregnane. He is the ultimate loser – claims he has no money due to child support, but suckers women in with the hotrods he’s constantly working on. So, if any of you want a cheater and habitual lyer who is only 5’5″ and can never do anything for you, by all means find your way to Payson. Oh. Even though he’s 38, he likes the young ones, so watch your daughters especially if they’re under 24.


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