Badru Jones Carmichael – California

He is the scum of the earth, cheating on a young woman who helped him get a job, at GE, he knew he was still in love with his Ex wife, yet going to lead her on and had the nerve to tell her, he never said they were exclusive this man is a stupid fool, just stupid!! Because if that’s was the case he should have never had a problem with it when she asked if he thought if they both see other people. He is such h a dumb a**! Never answered her question, but when he got caught cheating then he say that dumb s*** they werent exclusive, and then if they werent exclusive shouldn’t have used her to get that job at that company. That is girlfriend material, like I said ask your girlfriend to help you, or the Ex wife whom he was sleeping with Tanisha Slack Joseph, whom he caught sleeping with someone else!! And then he turn around and sleep around with this girl, with his Ex wife, he is terrible!! Calls her a liar, he was the damn liar, if he cheat he has to lie, who really who is the liar, then thought she was going to get a house with him, knowing his stupid a** was still f****** his w**** a** wife, who now parties every chance she gets, and she came from a country where, they were poor and didn’t have s***!! They all are cheaters and liars!!


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