Ashely Day — Jacksonville, Florida

Ashely Day was sexting my husband and sending dirty pictures. While him and I were able to work it out and our relationship has gotten better because we treat each other better now and have that “we’re best friends” “partners” feel back. A year later and this girl just will not stop being a c*** everytime she sees me, like dude YOUR the other women seriously just stop, move on, and quit trying to harm other people relationships. Especially after they made up and moved on from something that was pretty hurtful. This that I’m doing here while it may be low… is an outlet. She continues to bother me and I’ve kept my cool, but now I need to let it out so here ya go… now people know and hopefully someone you know sees it and you feel ashamed for what you did. How you laughed saying “you’d be happy to see us split and my kid struggle between two parents.”


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