Anna Knyak — New York

Anna Knyak works at the corporate office of L’Occitane En Provence in New York City. She met my husband of 15 years there and knew he had a wife and small child at home. She relentlessly pursued him sending him naked images, texts and emails at work and while he was home. Unbeknownst, to me they had been seeing each other for more than a year. No indication at home, we were fine. All was the same at home. I discovered this was happening when she text him on a Sunday morning. Our small child found her fathers phone open with naked pics of this woman. She showed it to me and the sh*t hit the fan. I broke his work phone and threw him out that very day.

All of this unraveled in front of our child. She knew he was married, was told numerous times by co-workers to back off but she was determined in her pursuit of him and he obviously cared less about his child and me and relented. This is a 35 year old with no children most likely looking to start a family. So she gets a man that’s married with a child and believes there will be a happy ending?? Really? She’s now on this site BC of this crap. Who knows what she was told by him but nonetheless if a woman hears their is a family it’s hands off! But not this special girl from Brooklyn.  My ex is now involved with a 26 year old girl from Belleville, NJ that he met at One Republic in North Arlington, NJ. I had the privilege of speaking to her. She knows about Anna from work and could care less. He told her that he was 31 and he was a Director at his company and had no children. He’s 43 and sleeps on his moms couch. They don’t wear condoms and she sleeps with other men…so there is always that:-) She did me a huge favor bc he truly is a piece of sh*t.


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