Anna (Danielle) Jarvis — Palmyra, Indiana

She Started messaging my friends husband and father to her children and just doing the normal Home Wrecking stuff Home Wreckers do… the husband ended up Kicking his wife and daughter out for a weekend for Anna Danielle (her name on Facebook). In the two dirty scumbags facebook messages he was going to kick his wife and child out on the weekends she came down from Columbus Indiana and they would have their fling but luckily the wife caught them, because she is smart and knew something was going on. So finally the divorce was filed and finalised. This girl ruined a family and the daughter was put into the fathers custody because the wife fought the husband the night she caught them. Now this dirty home wrecker was trying to get the daughter to call her mommy. So all in all she is just down right awful and I wanted to warn others of this dirty skank!! Added is pictures of her, her and the husband and her and the daughter! BE AWARE AND ON THE LOOK OUT, YOUR HUSBAND COULD BE NEXT!


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