Angie Sullivan — Jackson, Louisiana

Angie Sullivan messaged my husband inviting him for sex, they met up but supposedly they never kissed or had sex! Idk if I believe it but my Husbsnd admitted everything but swears they never did and she said same but she added me on social media, before they started talking, and I didn’t know hee bit had mutual friends so I added her and I told her I was married and had a baby and so on. She started sending me nudes of herself or other men. I blocked her and told my husband to also block her. But she got his phone number and text him. He had no business talking to her once he knew it was her. But he did and they both hurt my heart so bad. I’ve yet to come across her in person but when I do it’s not gonna be nice, have a few things I want to say to her. Hubby and I are trying to move on and keep our family together. She’s a trashy homewrecker and needed to be exposed!! Angie if you see this, you need to take out a loan and sew your knees and mouth shut!! It’s trash like you that keep this website thriving!!


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