Angie Fisher — Tulsa, Oklahoma

First let me say, Angie Fisher did me a favor. I am very happy and now have a faithful man. Onto her story… she went to high school with my husband and they were friends online. Somehow they started messaging each other. He was trying to get me pregnant while having an affair with her and ended up getting her pregnant. She threatend him and he ended up leaving his family. ( 2 boys) and myself. Angie has 4 kids with different daddies… some in prison… and collects child support as an income. She’s made threats to me and told me I’m the nasty one yet she lost all of her friends (as did he) and I’m happy now while he plays house with her and her kids… he doesn’t see his two little boys anymore. Owes over $5000 in child support and fights with angie everyday. Well played Preston and Angie… well played.


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