Andrea Tufano — Melrose Park, Illinois

This woman who also goes by Andrea Eccardt Tufano is married with children. Apparently she’s so unhappy in her marriage she decided she would try to tear another family apart for her own self gratification and to feel better about herself. After finding out about my husbands affair, I confronted this woman last year, she lied and said they only talked for a little bit and never did anything. That was a lie!! This desperate woman even liked pictures of my kids on my husbands social media fully aware he was married! Even after I confronted her she continued to stalk my husband as we were trying to fix our broken marriage. I don’t know if we will stay married after this betrayal but we are trying. She continued to try to contact my husband to the point he had to change his phone number and block her from all his social media. I have messaged her several times letting her know if she doesn’t quit I will expose her for the homewrecker she is!! I didn’t want to sink to this level but heartless woman like this need to be exposed to protect other families. She has no respect for anyone! She has a husband and kids and obviously doesn’t care about them nor does she care about my family and my children that she is so desperate that she continues to stalk a married man! I’m sick and tired of homewrecking women like this who care nothing about anyone but themselves and their own self gratification!! There are laws here and I may even take it a step further and hire a lawyer for alienation of affections law!!! She is despicable… if you know her, know that your husbands are not safe… she is a liar and a cheat!


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