Andrea Hawkins — Vancouver, Washington

This lovely individual Andrea Hawkins had the nerve sleep with my husband in my own bed and play house when I would leave with mine and my husband’s children to visit my brother and nieces. Not only did she insult me when I caught and confronted them, but she couldn’t keep away when my husband attempted to end things with her. I also caught them on camera, groping eachother while my 2 year old son was in the same room in front of them, watching tv. Flash forward 4 years, I am finally divorced and she has the audacity to try and make my children a happy little family with her and my ex on the few he has them. Supposedly my ex had not been with her for over a year while I tried to repair our marriage. After I had had enough and he finally realized that I was serious and going through with the divorce, he stopped harrassing me to get back with him and went right back into her arms. This is sick considering that he already knew that he was the 2nd or 3rd marriage she had played a major role in destroying. She kicked the last guy to the curb as soon as his divorce was finalized, what makes my ex think he’s any different from that unsuspectung fool? Plus she has slept with and/or dated nearly every man who works at Auto Warehousing Company. I guess the joke really is on him…


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