Andrea Daniela Lopez — San Antonio, Texas

Andrea Daniela Lopez is a very selfish human being. She knew my weak pathetic husband from work and preyed on him until he finally gave in and had sex with her. She would often ask him “How are your wife and son?” Who does that? She was also with my husband and two other men. She blantly told my husband she was not interested in him and only likes Black guys. Who knows how many STDs she has had. She has previously been in an abusive relationship and feels shitty about herself, so she brings others down with her. She cowards behind police reports and pieces of paper because she is to much of a bitch to be confronted by an irate wife who wanted to hear her side of the story. She then fakes a pregnancy to get sympathy and then makes a plan to abort it. She is 24 years old making grown woman decisions but cant deal with grown woman consequences. She wants to be a law enforcement agent but cant deal with her real life consequneces. She is a joke and if she makes it too her dream job she is probably sleeping her way to the top, this wouldnt be the first marriage or couple she has ruined. She is on the prowl in San Antonio, San Angelo and El Paso. She literally has no remorse or care for what she has done. Watch out for this SHE DEVIL she is lurking near UTSA…Yikes!


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