Amy Sample Oeler — Franklin Park, Pennsylvania

I could probably write a million words about my belief that Amy is the most awful human being I have ever had the misfortune of meeting, but I’ll just list a bunch of facts. 1) While Amy was married to her husband Jeff, she had affairs with other men. 2) She used Ashley Madison to meet potential partners. 3) She would meet for sex while her daughter was in school and her husband was working during the day. Sometimes she would meet for sex in the evening if her husband was out of town hunting or with his ailing family in Williamsport and her daughter was sleeping over with friends. 4) She is into all sorts of freaky sex. Bondage, choking, spanking, ATM, rough stuff, almost nothing is off limits. 5) She used to let men use every hole without protection, then go home to Jeff. 6) She used to send nude photos via text often 7) She would meet in hotels around the Cranberry area and have hours-long sex sessions. 8) She told her partners info about Jeff that wasn’t really anyone’s business. That he was terrible in bed, couldn’t perform, was drunk all the time and that he constantly lied to his customers. 9) When Amy is finished with an adultery partner, she will string them along for months or even perhaps a full year of lies and BS instead of having the decency to be honest with them. She is divorced now, so maybe she only wrecked her own home, but if you are a man involved with Amy Sample Oeler, you should know she is capable of unimaginable cruelty. Everything written in this post is 100% truthful and verifiably factual with texts, emails, photos and receipts.


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