Amy Parkinson – Gardendale, Alabama

Amy met my husband at a gas station back in 2006/2007, she asked him to follow her home, which in fact, turned out to be her parents home. Then proceeded to have sex with him in her parents basement. Just met him for the first time ever. He is not innocent by any means, but this woman would not leave him alone afterwards. I did not find out for about a year but in that time, she would not stop calling or texting him even after I had his phone one day and answered it. She knew he ha a pregnant significant other but claimed she did not know he was married. I saw texts to him from her after she knew he was married that said “she is not the only one who can give you a baby”. My husband has since come completely clean about their whole relationship and I have plenty of proof to back this all up. What kind of so called woman has a stranger follow her home from a gas station and has sex with him immediately? She has been married so many times who knows what her name is right now, but at the time this was it.


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