Amy Dale Delsanter: Stalker, Harasser, Cyberbully and Big-time Internet Crybaby!

March 25, 2019

Like most bullies, all it takes to make them cry like a little b*tch is to stand up to them and punch them square in the nose, and your biggest cyber bully and multiple contributor, “Amy Dale Delsanter”is no different! Amy has been stalking and harassing multiple people for years, but always anonymously behind the safety of a computer screen. But she f*cked up and played herself out like the Ace of Spades and her latest 4-year victims, Bobby & Melissa Threet, found out that SHE was the one behind years of cyber bullying, stalking, slander and defamation! Well, they have publicly outed her for the cyber troll that she is and their literal ARMY OF FRIENDS have all been roasting this pig like it’s a Hawaiian luau! I wish you could have all heard this fat straight-up beast of a sow squeal like the pig she is, calling up Melissa begging for “her” to “stop”,…moaning between sobs…”enough is enough…. pleeeeease….I only wrote a couple dirty dot com posts about y’all, but you are ruining my life!” Hahaha….well, BOO F*CKING HOO!!! Melissa said “Amy Dale Delsanter” cried and squealed like a stuck pig as Melissa explained that SHE (Amy) started it all and continued for four years and didn’t want ANYTHING to stop as long as she thought she was still anonymous and besides, she can’t control what other people are writing about her now that she opened Pandora’s box and everyone knows about her internet bullying and stalking obsession. This pig-faced, nappy-headed, cuckabug B.B. nap necked, shotgun shell nostrilled, double-chinned, lazy-eyed, snaggle-toothed, stank breathed, floppy & saggy titted, whale-bellied fat ass Heifer with a sea of bumpy lumpy cellulite that ripples in waves with every step like an ocean of living, rolling fat has a lesson to be learned! I trust that this site will help us out with outing this stank cyber bully c*nt! Of all people, this ugly-ass whale, without a single redeeming quality, other than being able to eat an entire donkey in a single sitting, has the unmitigated gall and nerve to attack the looks and character of Melissa and Bobby only because they are literally treated almost like celebrities on social media because of their exceptional looks, sweet and welcoming and friendly personalities and multiple talents! I get it that it’s hard NOT to be jealous of people like that, but this former under-a-bridge living prostitute and crack whore has taken it to a new level. All those years of drugs and sexual abuse from men and Johns has made her hate men and beautiful women and feel an obsessive compulsion to attempt to destroy those placed on pedestals because she was always the short, fat, ugly, half breed that no one liked and was constantly ridiculed. She has now become the hate-filled bull dyke and obsessed psychopath that spends her whole day attacking others on social media and doing drugs to help her forget her miserable existence and how it doesn’t compare to the lives of the beautiful and adored. She feels that she must somehow attempt to bring them down to her pathetic level…. a true sociopathic bucket crab…May God forgive her enlarged heart and fatty liver because “The Pigsticker Army” is just getting started! She gone learn!!!

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