Amber Nicole — Woodbridge, Virginia

This is 25 year old Amber Nicole. She enjoys sleeping with married men and men in relationships. She also enjoys sending pictures text messages to the wife or girlfriend. I should know. She tried to ruin my 11 year marriage. She was sleeping with another married man and when he wouldn’t leave his wife for her, she got real vindictive and sent his wife everything. Then she started an affair with my husband. My husband is not innocent at all and is to blame for his part. He would leave her alone and she would call my phone, send me pictures of them post, she posted a picture of them kissing which she took down. Even though my husband told her numerous times he was not leaving me for her, she kept trying. She has no respect for other women or relationships for that matter. Her own mother doesn’t want her living with her, she kicked her out. She slept with an 18 and two or three of my husband’s friends. She’s a slut. And she’s uses. Stay away from Essex Drive in Woodbridge if you value your relationship. She will do whatever she can to ruin it.


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