Amanda York — Gardiner, Maine

Amanda York and I had been been friends since I got out of high school. I was seeing this guy Ben who liked both sex. Ben and I had been together since 9th grade. One night we all had a party at Bens and my apartment. She was all over Ben trying to get into his pants. Later on when I went to go get more ice, I came back and Ben was half passed out cause he had work the next morning… one of my lady friends asked me if I saw Amanda walking home cause she disappeared, so I got the funny feeling that she was in my room with my man.

By the time I got in there (my room) she was unzipping my man’s pants and she had all of her clothes off. I kicked her out. 5 yrs down the road we became friends again. Not even 2 wks after she tried to get with my fiancee Joey. After joey came to me and told me she grabbed his crotch I warned her to stay away from my man. After Joes dad passes away she came over to my house and braught my man alcohol and weed so she could seduce him. She got him drunk and high he passed out and she started giving him head in front of me while I was napping… I woke up to a Nasty wh*re suckling my man off. If you ever meet Amanda York keep your man under lock and key. If not she will try to sleep with him. Amanda if your reading this you need help badly.


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