Amanda Marshall — Las Vegas, Nevada

Amanda Marshall from Jacksonville now Las Vegas decided she wanted to cone into my home knowing my ex-fiance and I shared our home. She took pride in keeping herself a secret so she could continue to lay in my bed in my home and attempt to rob me of my mate and my children of their father. She has a man of her own she’s waiting for to come home from prison. I spoke with her, like a reasonable adult. Just Like a HOMEWRECKER, she would not show enough respect for herself to be a real woman. Eventually I let him go live with her, 2 days later she calls me because she can’t handle him, 10 days later he moves back to California and has been trying to come back since. Funny, in the time she slept with my ex, she had 11 sexual partners, admittedly, and while she was with him, had 3 more sexual partners. 15 men she had intercourse with between June 19th when I figured out who she was, and September 17th when I finally got tired of talking.


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