Amanda Mars –Rainsville, Alabama

It started two years ago when I found out Amanda Mars was sleeping with my husband. I showed up at her house with my sister in law, and I could smell her methlab from just standing outside the door. When I was able to walk in, 5 different men were standing there. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was sleeping with all of them. As my sister in law searched through out the house for her, I found my husband passed out on her bed. He said she wasn’t there but I guarantee, she was hiding out somewhere. There were men there so I know she was around somewhere. My husband said he was there for his friend but honestly who knows. She’s known for being a whore. I was told by several different sources that he was going to divorce me, for her and that she was getting MY car that I paid for and they were getting custody of MY kids that I take care of. My husband, of course denied it all. He said she was a psychotic wh*re and that she was just obsessed with him and that she wanted all of what we had. Just a couple of months ago, I saw her at a store and when she noticed me, she took or running! She was also pregnant with her 4th child at the time that I heard ended up being taken away because she was doing drugs while pregnant. Anyways, she is more than just a home wrecker. She is a pathological liar, a drug attic, and a piece of crap mother.


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