Amanda Egnor — Cross Lanes, West Virginia

This lovely woman AMANDA EGNOR had not seen my fiancé in 10 years. They grew up together but hadn’t spoken in a significant amount of time. I was okay when she messaged him on Facebook and they were talking. Whatever, catch up that’s awesome. However, she apparently “bumped” into him in town, 3 towns away from where she lives. She came over to my house on my 21st birthday. No big deal… got drunk with my fiancé and talked BS with us… It was very clear that we are together. We even had a talk about how I had just lost our son who only lived for 3 days after being born premature. But then she tried to tell me how to parent my stepchildren… no. Later on she asked if she could have a private moment with him so they could talk, said she didn’t feel comfortable sharing some things with me as she didn’t really know me. I understand that. I’m a decent person. So I gave them the room. A tad bit reluctantly but I did. She then asked him to go downstairs with her and he did. (I heard this from mine and his room) I’m certainly not condoning his actions because he sure as hell knew better but come on, how do you do that to someone? She screwed him in our home while I was spending time with his children. She then refused to leave my home until 5am because her HUSBAND was mad she was out so late and drinking. After the whole debacle I found out that her husband was actually previously married to one of her friends… and she took him. What the hell.. and as if it couldn’t have gotten worse. BOOM then she was pregnant. (She already has a daughter and she talked quite a bit how she had to have fertility treatments to have her and that she could not get pregnant) We didn’t know who the father was but she went out of her way to convince me it wasn’t my fiancé’s. I’m guessing because she didn’t want me to tell her husband. So fast forward, She’s now lost the baby (that I’m not even convinced that she was actually pregnant with) As someone who recently lost a child no I am not happy about this fact but also somewhat relieved. The whole situation was ridiculous. Especially when she tried to have a threesome. Apparently he offered it like I had no choice in the matter. The only reason I didn’t do anything is because my step children were home. I just don’t know what kind of person does that not only to me… but whoever she took her husband from. And whoever else she has screwed over… so be on the lookout married or dating ladies.


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