Amanda Dooly Savage — Minden, Louisiana

Amanda Dooly Savage also known as Amanda Rust on this site before her recent marriage to Craig Savage is a real piece of work. Amanda has been married twice and in that time has had a number off affairs on her husbands. This new one is in for the ride of his life. Let’s jump straight to it… Amanda as I understand had cheated on her first husband Robert Snead wich helped lead to their divorce. Her second husband which she had two children with was cheated on almost from the start of the marriage, and this lasted for years as he worked long hours in the oilfield. Over the course of this time Amanda has had sexual affairs with more than a number of people in Sibley & Minden LA including Scott Dwayne Vining who is her blood relative cousin which almost cost him his marriage to Kay Vining. Amanda had an affair with Heath Triplitt which almost ended his marriage to Janet. Amanda for some “God only knows why” episode had gotten ahold of her husbands phone and downloaded his work contacts then started texting nude pictures and videos of herself masturbating to his coworkers. Amanda then was caught having an affair with Patrick Betancourt from Marshall TX and her husband left her at that point, which left her to find the next chump she could take advantage of Mr. Craig Savage of Minden, LA. Please pray for her current husband as she is lying to him, manipulating him, and he has no idea what he has jumped into.


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