Alicia Wandler — Gillette, Wyoming

Here I have a little poem about one of my favorite Home-wreckers who’s hobbies include sucking on multiple p*ckers… Alicia Wandler likes to play the “poor me” so I’m sure this poem will prove how much she so willingly likes to share her fur less kitty. She thought she could trap her first hubby at such a young age but she should have made sure she was ready to lock that cat up in a cage. She likes to claim that she’s a “well behaved girl” but she doesn’t understand that means you have stop sharing the pink pearl. She broke her vows when she became all smitten after she made the decision to give out her fish kitten. She still enjoys romantic talks with her ex-dingle but she should really let that go since she decided to let her cootie go mingle. Her current choice of d is a real stupid prick but the pickins’ are slim when you so easily give up your trim. You can’t expect to choose a real winner when you invite other guys over for all you can eat tuna dinners. Now she claims to be all orthodox but everyone knows she just loves multiple c**k’s. She’s really moving up in this town that’s nothing but sh*t. Hopefully she’s done giving out free stops to her cockpit. She hangs out with another well known lady of pleasure… her name starts with a Laura and ends with a Besler….


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