Alexis M. Robling — Jordan, Minnesota

So I watched Alexis M. Robling force her way into a very happy relationship between two friends that I’ve known for years and completely destroyed an 8 year long friendship/relationship. She was such a sneaky little b*tch about it to talking about how she just liked him as a friend but then she was way too comfortable with him and always demanding more of his time. He was a good bro b4 she came around but once she did he started putting her before his girl and he even b*tched me and a few other friends so he could be with her. Whenever we’d have plans with him she’d suddenly need him cuz he was all she has and blah blah blah. She’s a b*tch to all of his friends, even his ex-girl and then acts like she’s done nothing wrong. She’s ruining his life and his bonds with all his friends. I can’t stand that woman. For the amount of BS she’s caused the least she can do is fess up to her part in it.


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