Alexandra Jasmine Frye — Berkley, California

This adult woman, Alexandra Jasmine Frye, had a man that appreciated her so much. Things became quite rocky and when their relationship was no longer salvageable, he told her he wanted to leave her. Instead of allowing him to leave when he wanted, she became violent. She hit him, stabbed him, pushed him down a fight of stairs, but worst of all, she would threaten to call the cops and make up a ridiculous story of rape or domestic abuse if he thought to leave. He was on parole, so of course they would believe her. He finally left her and she trashed the apartment, acting like a belligerent child. We were on our way to peace and happiness, and lo and behold, she came out with a fake Instagram account saying we were awful human beings and dragging our reputation through the mud to our families and friends. She very well knew the situation and that he wanted out. She harassed him and I, calling up to 80 times a day, leaving threatening voicemails and texts. The worst part of all this is she is currently a social worker and works with children day in and day out. She gives volleyball lessons to lovely, young girls, but acts completely irrational in her own personal life. She aspires to be a lawyer and claims to be a giver of love. However, she wouldn’t leave me and my partner alone, since it was clear as day that we were in love. She seems psychotic and medicates herself. She would tell my partner that she would kill herself if he ever left her. I personally had no other choice but to walk away from such a viperous person, because that type of drama is not necessary. I am unsure if he will ever be able to escape her, but she has no grasp on how you should treat people. She is older than me too… go figure!


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