Be warned of 27 year old ADRIAN GONZALEZ originally from Yucaipa, CA, currently stationed in Pensacola FL. This immoral scumbag knew my wife was married and still had a physical sexual sexual relationship with her. This disgrace to the US Navy and our country continued that relationship with her cyber sexually via SnapChat was he was stationed in Florida. This morally bankrupt excuse for a seaman is a known user of Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat but there are likely more sites this willing adulterer is registered. A known user name is gonzo18_. Knowing he has had multiple sexual encounters with my wife it is likely he a carrier of one or more STDs. Unless you approve of this immoral, family destroying behavior from a uniformed member of our armed forces who is sworn to protect our way of life in this country I would not associate with this low-life, cowardly, sneak, liar, and cheater.


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