Abby Addams — Complete Trash

11 mos after my husband and I were married he met this chick at work . I had a feeling something was off so I hacked into his Facebook and read his messages .. while I was logged in a found a conversation exchange between the two of them as it was happening. I found out from someone that the two of them had been hanging out together after work and that he told her he would soon be divorced… which was far from the case because the two of us were trying to conceive a baby together . Long story short he and I remained together under the condition he found new employment… created a new Facebook account … changed his number and blocked her from everything. It’s been a long hard road but we are doing great and have been the last 6 mos . What irritates me is when I asked for information and the truth this homewrecking worthless skank Perseud him despite the fact he had a very visible wedding ring on his finger . I know it takes to but everyone knows it takes a low level worthless piece of crap to go after another persons spouse . Ladies beware


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