Aaron Weixel – California

We forgot to mention doucheboy, ask your buddy if its not true. A mentioned she ran into a buddy of yours she knows when she went visiting in Oregon & he saw her belly. She said she wasn’t HUGE huge cause she was jus 7 mons & thinking she had 2 more to go but it WAS obvious & says they talked bout it too. B**** couldn’t tell Christy she was here so Christy could see her but she runs into your buddy. Classic! Now you’re a daddy to a wee little boy born September 1 2017. We know his name too but you don’t! Bwahaha! Also classic!

Doucheboy we hope it eats you alive bout what you did. If you’re wantin kids it will eventually. You gave up the world in A & the cutest little man. You gave up bein treated the best by an awesome lady & bein able to see your boy. Let it sink in scum. Your own boy & his mum. You got a baby boy breathing on this earth & you ain’t ever gonna see him now. Then you go round saying on a dating site you’re hopeless romantic & want a long term relationship & kids & got good morals. Bwahaha you’re a fuckin JOKE. You ripped A’s fuckin heart apart & probably for permanent cause if the choices you left her with. Hope someone does you over like that so you know how it feels & they will cause karmas a b**** & always gets revenge. All cause you’re a selfish shallow prick with no ball sack & don’t know how to be a man. Little boy’ll be better off not havin SCUM like you in his life. Bet your mama must be real proud of you huh douchebag?


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